Future Classic is a new generation music company.

We’re artist managers building a creative environment and professional infrastructure for artists to thrive. A platform for artists to develop successful global careers while retaining ownership of their own intellectual property. A team to help artists and managers execute their plans, projects and ideas.

Our mission is to enable the cultural influencers of our generation. To build artist careers that are unique, resilient, commercially successful and creatively uncompromising.

We believe artists need partners who are holistic and aligned with them. Partners who understand them and share their vision. We build partnerships with artists. Empowering them as entrepreneurs.

We are re-thinking the structure of the music business and asking what artists need. Our platform supports artists with a team that can provide creative development, access to financing, touring expertise, promotion, distribution, marketing and strategic support across an artist’s full career and business.

Every project is different. Every artist has unique needs. The way we work with each client is specific to them. 

The job is immense, the solution is collaborative.